Onyx Nail Bar

Lubbock’s Premiere Nail Salon and Spa

Lubbock has no shortage of Nail Spas...

So what sets Onyx Nail Bar apart? In short…everything. We offer a range of spectacular services that are second to none. From extravagant pedicures and manicures to basic polish changes, we offer a variety of experiences to fit any budget.

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Our menu includes luxurious pedicures and manicures, as well as other services such as massages and waxes.
All of our services come with 2 complimentary drinks for our customers who are of age.
As your tired feet soak, let our customizable massage chairs relax your neck and back.
Many of our services include your choice of enriching lotions to moisturize your skin.
Our pedicures include a wide range of mineral soaks in our whirlpool foot tubs complete with freshly sliced fruit.
All of our pedicure chairs are equipped with a sanitary lining that is changed between each service, ensuring your health and safety.

Our Technicians Work Magic

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